A buning Vulcan. New Iconic products, Scuderia spirit, Characters Heads and Free Fighters: are all elements part of the new Briko future. For being always Cutting Edge. And to call all the passionate sports people to become part of the Scuderia. Today the Briko Vulcan is burning: the Scuderia is workinbg hard to relaunch and repositioning the brand. A 360 degrees operation: starting from developing new Iconic products with Cutting Edge technologies, to the Free Fighters relationship, called to be part of the Scuderia. This is one of the most passionate aims of Briko: the company is thinked as a real Scuderia where everyone knows their own know how and share it with the others. Today the Briko Scuderia has reach the right balance between young people filled of enthusiasm and experts ready to bring their capabilities. A philosophy at the end consumer service.




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