Photo credit Sprint Cycling

Briko® and Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè together at the Giro d'Italia 2023

Briko will take part in the Giro d’Italia with the #GreenTeam: the new “team edition” Quasar helmet and the Starlight 2.0 glasses will be the team’s allies in the race.

Turin, 4 May 2023 — Briko is preparing for its new adventure as one of the official partners of Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè team at the Giro d’Italia 2023. The 106th edition of the competition will start on May 6 from the Trabocchi coast in Abruzzo and it will end on May 28 in Rome: in order to conquer the so-called “Pink Jersey”, the participants will confront a 3500 kilometers-long itinerary.

The team’s eco-friendly vision, which promotes careful management of natural resources, finds in Briko an ideal partner for achieving its goals even in competitions. The Quasar helmet, released in a special green colorway to match the young athletes’ uniform, will be one of the symbols that will represent the partnership and a cue for a more sustainable world.

The riders of the Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè team will also receive the Starlight 2.0 glasses, equipped with a set of 3 interchangeable lenses based on weather and light conditions. The brand’s ultimate goal is to guarantee the team maximum safety and comfort even during the most challenging phases of the Giro d’Italia 2023.

Briko and Green Project Bardiani-CSF Faizanè will once again renew the partnership that began in 2014, which combines a passionate sport attitude and a responsible approach towards the environment, while the Giro d’Italia spectators are preparing to watch the aerodynamic #GreenTeam helmet speed along the multi-coloured twenty- two teams that will take part in the competition.