Glasses Unisex Cyclope Photo Sunglasses FLUO ORANGE -PHP23 | briko Photo (jpg Rgb)

Cyclope PhotoFLUO ORANGE -PHP23

Style: 2001ID0 - Color: 906

Product Description

Light and resistant nylon goggles. Excellent visual performance with central “Centerbloc” hook that allows the lens to maintain constant curvature in all situations, thus avoiding deformation and ensuring optimal visual quality. The frame with its multiple slots is designed for ideal ventilation to prevent mist. -BASE 7 GOGGLES -HIGH RESISTANCE GRILAMILD TR90 FRAME -SOFT ALLERGY SAFE MEGOL NOSEPIECE -INTERCHANGEABLE POLYCARBONATE LENSES -CENTRE BLOC SYSTEM -SOFT ADJUSTABLE EARPIECES -CLIP ON -ADJUSTABLE NOSEPIECE -FINISHES:GLOSSY AND MATT -PHOTOCROMIC LENS -MEDIUM FIT -WEIGHT: 32 G


Description: Glasses, Sunglasses
Gender: Unisex
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


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