“And it was with this passion that we built the history of our success day by day”




Briko® is an Italian brand established in 1985 by Alberto Brignone.

Alberto Brignone supplied technical materials to the Italian National Ski team and produced special kinds of Ski Wax to meet the team’s requirements. At first the waxes were exclusively used by the team for competitions.

In 1988 a new compound was created mixing graphite and algofon, allowing the Italian national alpine ski team composed of Michael Mair, Giorgio Piantanida and Werner Perathoner to triumph on the slopes of Leukerbad in Switzerland by conquering the entire podium in the downhill skiing competition.


After this amazing success Brignone followed his entrepreneurial talents, resigned from his post in the ski federation and established Briko®.

In addition to ski wax he also started producing ski goggles, helmets and ski clothing.

The brand has been worn by sporting legends such as Alberto Tomba, Bjorn Daehlie, Marco Pantani and others.


In 1989 another astounding success was achieved: the new Thrama lenses were introduced, based on the concept of transmittance, that is, on selective filtering techniques applied to light, with the aim of drastically reducing visual “noise” (diffuse light). The lenses also provide UV protection.

Over the following years the company continued to pursue innovation and a number of new technologies were introduced, including Zygo tech masks and tricomposite fibre helmets


In 1992 the first Briko® cycling helmet was launched: KASKO. This product marked a turning point in the way cycling helmets look because of its strong designer feel. It also marked Briko’s arrival to the world of cycling.

Briko® arrived on the cycling scene and was the first company to offer athletes and distributors helmets and sunglasses by the same brand.

The brand became well known in the world of cycling thanks to sponsorship deals with great champions of this sport: Marco Pantani used the Stinger, Sprinter and Zen designs. In the late 90s Briko® revolutionized the cycling helmet market introducing the aerodynamic, double-molded Twinner model.


The company began to specialize in other sports as well, such as freeriding, snowboarding and canoeing.

In 2010 it established Briko® Squadra Corse, an amateur cycling team for gran fondo competitions.

Briko® continues to enjoy its success in cycling and skiing through partnerships with teams such as Mercatone Uno, Fassa Bortolo and Liquigas, as well as the Slovenian National Cross Country Skiing team. Over the years the Briko® stable has seen top athletes such as Alberto Tomba, Marc Girardelli, Lasse Kjus, Deborah Compagnoni, Kristian Ghedina, Jure Kosir, Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Tony Rominger, Marco Pantani and Mario Cipollini, compete and win using its products.


BasicNet acquired the Briko® brand in 2017.

The integrity and consistency of the brand allow us to carry on its legacy and head it towards new challenges with new products, new strategies and new partnerships